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Tapu School

Kia ora, welcome

Thank you for visiting our website.  Here you will find plenty of information about Tapu School.  We are very proud of our awesome school and the achievements of our students.  Please don’t hesitate to make contact if you would like to come and visit or would like more information.

Tapu means sacred – it can also mean forbidden, taboo or confidential!

We are a small school on the Coromandel Peninsula approximately 20 minutes north of the township of Thames. Our school is situated right on the beach with the sea bordering our lower field. Tapu is a popular holiday and fishing destination. 

Tapu School caters for students in Year 1 through to Year 8 - there are no intermediate schools in the Thames area. Most students go on to the local high school with a bus service running daily from the area. Our Board of Trustees and local community are very supportive of all we do which enables us to take maximum advantage of this wonderful environment.

Tapu School is well resourced with buildings, playing areas and equipment for the students to enjoy including new playground pieces this year. Students enjoy access to computers with an excellent ratio of machines. We have the same access to all of the services available to other schools in the area. We belong to the local White Cluster group of schools who meet regularly for sporting events over the school year.

A special feature of the school is its Marine Academy. The Academy has a number of kayaks and opti sailing dinghies, wet suits and lifejackets as well as a rescue boat.  Senior students have the opportunity to learn basic sailing and kayaking concepts and skills when we have enough parental support to assist with the sailing instructors.




Tapu School